Characterization is an essential part of this study. A variety of techniques were used to analyze not only the reservoir rocks where the CO2 is injected and stored, but also the overlying caprock that helps to contain the CO2. Three new wells were drilled and cored, providing us with physical samples and a modern suite of geophysical logs that could then be correlated with the many older logs available for other areas of the field. From this work we were able to develop a geological framework to better understand the deposition of the reservoir and caprock, relate this to various other reservoir properties such as porosity and permeability, and then build a model of the reservoir that could be used to simulate the complex movement of oil, brine, and CO2 in the reservoir.

  • Injection (and oil production) occurs in the Morrow B Sandstone
  • The primary caprocks are the Morrow shale and the Thirteen Finger Limestone