Phase III Project

 The SWP Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) deployment phase (Phase III) project is well underway.
Phase III entails a partnership between SWP prime contractor New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and its industrial partner, Chaparral Energy, LLC (CELLC), based in Oklahoma City, OK.
The field site for the SWP’s Phase III program is the Farnsworth Unit (FWU), Ochiltree County, Texas (in the Anadarko Basin of northern Texas), operated by CELLC. The FWU started development in the mid 1950s and started waterflooding in the 1960s. FWU is currently under CO flooding, which began in 2010.
Additional CO2 flooding patterns were added
through 2016. In addition to characterizing the reservoir and simulating movement of the CO2 plume, the Phase III field project involves verifying storage levels of CO2 in an active EOR project, and development and testing techniques to monitor quantity and location of the stored CO2.
Major project tasks include:
  • Geologic Characterization
  • Simulation
  • Risk
  • Monitoring, Verification, & Accounting (MVA)