Phase I Results

Phase I Results

In Phase I, Southwest Partnership carried out the following tasks:

(1) analysis of CO2 storage options in the region, including characterization of storage capacities and transportation options,
(2) analysis and summary of CO2 sources,
(3) analysis and summary of CO2 separation and capture technologies employed in the region,
(4) evaluation and ranking of the most appropriate sequestration technologies for capture and storage of CO2 in the Southwest Region,
(5) dissemination of existing regulatory/permitting requirements, and
(6) assessment and initiation of public knowledge and acceptance of possible sequestration approaches.

A conclusion of the Southwest Partnership’s Phase I program is that the most convenient and practical “first opportunities” for sequestration would lie with existing CO2 pipelines in the region. The Partnership also developed action plans for six Phase II validation tests in the region. The suite of tests includes four geologic pilot tests distributed among Utah, New Mexico, and Texas, in addition to a regional terrestrial sequestration pilot program focusing on improved terrestrial MMV methods and reporting approaches specific for the Southwest region.

The remaining validation test consists of a local-scale terrestrial pilot involving restoration of 213 riparian lands for sequestration purposes. The validation test will use desalinated waters produced from one of the geologic pilot tests.

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